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New and Used Tire Sales in Schaghticoke, New York

Purchase your new or used tires at Christopher R. Connolly. Here, tires are delivered twice daily in order to maintain our vast inventory. Choose from popular brands including Firestone, Goodyear, Michelin, Dunlop, and more. We have tires for every make and model of car, from passenger vehicles to commercial trucks and agricultural equipment.
Passenger Tires — Tire Repairs in Schaghticoke, New York

Passenger Vehicle and Light Truck Tires

Many factors go into selecting the right tires for your car. Our knowledgeable staff can help narrow down your options. Whether you are a commuter who travels many miles a day or someone who only drives locally, we can recommend the best tires for your car and needs.
Commercial Tires — Tire Repairs in Schaghticoke, New York

Commercial Tires

We carry commercial tires for a variety of corporate vehicles. We carry tires made for semi-trucks, large vans, trucks, buses, and more. Whatever your business vehicle needs, chances are, we have the right tires in stock.
Agricultural Tires — Tire Repairs in Schaghticoke, New York

Agricultural Tires

At Christopher R. Connolly, we specialize in agricultural tires. If your planting tractor needs the right row spacing, or your fall tillage tractor requires exceptional traction, we have the right tire for the job. We carry a variety of new and used dual tires, as well as specialty tires made for farming vehicles such as tractors or skid-steers. We have access to almost every brand of agricultural tire out there. Rest assured, our team can fit you with the right tire for all your farming equipment.
Tires — Tire Repairs in Schaghticoke, New York

OTR Tires

Christopher R. Connolly also supplies Off The Road (OTR) tires, with a full range of options for industrial strength equipment such as loaders, backhoes, earthmovers, and more. OTR tires are well suited for use in extreme environments. Made with premium casings and durable compounds, these tires are built for heavy loads, solid traction and outstanding resistance to punctures.
Christopher R. Connolly sells new and used tires for all kinds of vehicles, including farming equipment, in Schaghticoke, New York. Call 518-421-3608 to discuss your tires today!